Onsite Services

Our highly training technicians who have the required licenses can attend your site to perform scheduled maintenance or emergency breakdowns.

Our services include


  • Hazardous electrical work – Statement of attainment for Installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in hazardous areas
  • Confined Space work – Statement of attainment for Enter and work in confined spaces (work in accordance with an issued permit)
  • Any work above 1.8 meters – Work safely at heights licence
  • Lifting & moving weight – Licence to perform high risk work (Dogman)
  • Moving weight at ground level – Licence to perform high risk work (Forklift)
  • Electrical motor testing – Advanced dynamic analysis of electrical motors
  • Vibration Analysis – Advanced vibration analysis
  • Pump repair – Fundamentals of pumps and their repair
  • Variable Frequency Drives – Advanced service course

All staff are trained in first aid and have their respective electrical licence and construction card/white cards


Some staff are accredited with a Marine Security Clearance card (MSIC)


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Our clients include

Breakaway Group is certified to industry standard
AS/NZS 3800:2012 - SAI Global Certificate No.: PSI40043