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Servicing Hazardous Environment Motors

Breakaway Group is certified to industry standard AS/NZS 3800:2012
SAI Global Certificate No.: PS140043

The objective of this Standard is to establish specific requirements and give technical instruction on the repair, overhaul, reclamation and modification of equipment designed for use in explosive atmospheres.

 Breakaway Group is an accredited and recognised service facility under the ANZex scheme for the repair, overhaul and modification of all Ex ‘d’, Ex ‘e’, Ex ’n’ and Ex ’t’ electric motors. Breakaway Group has experience in all aspects of inspection and refurbishment of hazardous area motors to certified industry standards.

Breakaway Group carries out a number of detailed component inspections which may include


  • Surface finish deterioration
  • Thread condition
  • Score marks on flame path
  • Signs of previous repairs
  • Thermal insulators
  • Cracking on component parts
  • Precision measurement
  • Recording of all dimensions and faults
  • Pressure testing

Breakaway Groups refurbishing process may include (but is not limited to)


  • Thorough cleaning of all components
  • Verification of dimensions against standards, drawings and certificates of compliance
  • Complete dismantling of the machine and its components
  • In depth inspection of all components
  • Record and reporting of all dimensions and faults

Breakaway Group also offer a wide range of low, medium and high voltage Hazardous motors for various industries and have a range starting from 0.18kw upwards.


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Breakaway Group is an Active Member of EASA and is certified to SAI Global Standards:
- AS/NZS 3800:2012 Certificate #PSI40043
- ISO 9001:2015 Certificate #QMS40147